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We are just like you!

We are amateur climbers/mountaineers. We love nature and breathe adventure. We also face the same unfortunate struggle of being in the corporate jungle instead of the real one. We too strive to stretch our legs in the great outdoors, experience new places and truly feel alive! But, as we’d like to continue all of this (especially the being alive part), we also need the help of expert guides to get the most out of our short getaways. This motivated us to create adventurtle to help connect adventure seekers and adventure guides to each other. Our endeavor is to help ease your business woes if you’re a guide and help you score your dream adventure if you are an adventurtle. 

About us

The idea of adventurtle came out of the minds of three amateur climbers, nature lovers. We all want to be outside to play on ice, rock, in the woods and water.


We love to discover new places and we also sometimes need to have a Guide. We have learnt that it is not always easy to organize an adventurous trip and takes huge amount of time which most of us don't have.


That is why we believe Adventurtle will help us all to organize our getaway trips easy and fast.

We're happy to see you joining us as either a trip guide or an adventurer going for trips.


Your Adventurtle team,

Gabor, Todd and Bice 😎

Hiking in Sunset
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