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Looking for adventure?

Look no further than Adventurtle!

Life is a roller coaster - between the 9-5 grind, taking care of the family, not to mention the housework, the yard work, the side hustles, and countless other menial tasks that need doing - it never ends!

Or, on the flip side, you are now retired and free from many of these responsibilities. You still have plenty of life left and need a break from the mundane of the everyday. You need an adventure!


Maybe it's facing your fear of heights summiting a mountain, or whitewater rafting and feeling nature's fury... The bottom line is that you need to escape the rat race of the every day. (Don’t we all!)

The issue in seeking this adventure alone is:  you can buy the wrong gear, get lost in the woods, or end up on a much harder summit than intended.This isn’t to scare you out of adventure; it is a reinforcement to be smart about it! Most people don’t have the time to build the necessary skills needed to safely carry out extreme sports.


This is where adventurtle comes in to ensure you have a guide to help carry out proper safety protocols for an amazing adventure (with the added bonus that you come back in one piece)!  


With a safety guide, the realms of possibility are limited only by your own mindset. You dream of the adventure; adventurtle is there to bring it all together with a knowledgable guide. Break the chains of monotony and find your own adventure! 

Whitewater Kayaker

Find Your Adventure

Congratulations! You’ve made the first of a series of important decisions. You chose adventure! Now comes the harder questions:

  • What do you want to do?

  • Where do you want to go?

  • When do you want to go?

Rock climbing in Colorado in the Fall?
Kayaking caves in Kentucky in Spring?
Ice climbing over Winter?

No Problem! Our app will help find the perfect adventure and right guide for you!  


Choose Your Adventure

Not sure how to answer those important questions? Take a scroll  through our app and explore all of our available adventures and guides in your area or, in the area you are interested in visiting. If you find something that sparks that sense of adventure; you can be ready to go with just a few simple clicks!

 On average it takes 15-30 hours to plan a trip. Our app can take you from dreaming to packing in just a few minutes!  What are you going to do with all of that extra time? 

Sounds like more time for adventure!

Camping Site in Mountains

Book Your Adventure

When you are booking your adventure; a few things will happen:

  • The guide sees the initial request

  • They accept/deny the request 

  • When the trip is accepted, the payment will be processed

  • You'll receive notice that your trip booking is complete


After you receive the confirmation notice the only things left to do are to pack and meet your guide at the given location.

Oh, and have the time of your life. Cannot forget that part! 

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